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1hr31mins Drama

Director/Writer: Zhou Chengzhou

Trailer: https://vimeo.com/696549205

IMDb: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt19409272


This is adapted from a true story that happened in China. It tells the story of a woman living alone in the contemporary context of China. The protagonist is Xiaomei. She came to the big city of Beijing alone from her hometown and worked and lived in her own unique and free way. She encountered many unexpected contradictions and conflicts in the process of work and life.

This film presents the story of a real woman living alone. Where is her last way? What is her real living state like? I hope that through this film, people can see the living conditions of those minority women from different angles, and try to use the way of film to explore the real situation and real mentality of Chinese women in the contemporary context of Chinese society.

Part of the film is in the form of real record, and the other part is presented in the form of real story adaptation.

In China, it was only around 2000 that the gender perspective was incorporated into all kinds of sociological research. The director tries to do some free discussion through the prominent social sensitive issues of women in the film, such as employment, women’s rights and freedom, marriage and family. This is a true story. This woman is one of the awakening of self-consciousness of a large number of Chinese women. She is one of the new free women. She hopes to realize the desire of de sexualization through economic independence and ideological independence. It is also a struggle against the traditional concept of women, but her work is not recognized by the society, but also a marginal work. But to fight in her way and work in her way to survive, the director also wants to explain from some less well-known angles that women present the real living state of a few women in the contemporary context of China with their work content and life attitude, but often women still need a long way to obtain relative equality in society, In the film, there are too many unequal attitudes of the public towards women’s rights and freedom. The director tries to convey the view of women’s freedom in this way. The protagonist actively pursues women’s own independence and the desire to follow their own choices in life.