Concept experiment

Project introduction

Concept experiment
I suffer from severe spinal disease. This project presents images that it bring to me when I am not comfortable. These may also be the world of dreams.

Introduction of works

A desperate young unmarried girl:
These two girls about 32 years of age who are not married and have children. At this age, in China, the age of being urged by elders, they often do not live under pressure to choose a child to marry in a short period of time. In China, the large population is a common phenomenon, so that it brings future marriage.

After air pollution:
Everything is deserted elephant, only the crow as companion.They are singing.

The intellectuals in the dream:
I read in my dream, I learned life in these books, I became an intellectual, but I found that these books are not worth much, and in many years I forgot that they just existed in my dream, and in real life they might have become one of my collections. In the dusty corner, with the development of the times they are forgotten and abandoned, ,not a group of people as a memory of the past.

Seizing the Spine:
Stand straight, grab your spine, I’m a patient with cervical vertebra and thoracic vertebra. I’m doing what I’m doing. This person in the picture is my shadow. I want my spine to be healthy as straight as this stick.

Armida in the dream:
This piece of cloth is my dream prop, I want what scene, it will take me to a scene, I drilled out from the bristle, this is a process, I have not returned to normal appearance, perhaps this is the abnormal appearance is my condition in reality, it exists in my inner world.

Release pressure:
This is a group of works made in a terrace to express a struggle against social pressure. This pressure may be the culprit of depression. This struggle must be a positive struggle, not a negative way. It is a morbid way, it is only a form of expression and hope is great. The people defeated him in a positive way.

Under the consciousness:
This piece of work is mainly to express the appearance of a human being in the subconscious form. It is difficult to have such a form in reality, only in the brain and perhaps a mental illness, but the spirit has a mysterious energy in this huge box before them, to dance people to do it.Each color represents the character of the man.

Assuage thirst:
This color represents the meaning of it, the desire for life to flow out of the pipe, but the environment may not be able to achieve this desire, but may be able to get the balance of other places to make up for this.

After air pollution:
Everything is deserted elephant, only the crow as companion.She stopped and flew on her head and was a crow. If mankind continues to develop too much pollution, it may be the way it will be in the future. Only the rebar and the cracked land will be left.