Times paradise

Times paradise

I call everything that can flow, pass and flow fragrant is a paradise.

These forgotten amusement parks have disappeared due to the development of the times, the process of urbanization and the diversification of entertainment activities. Most of the amusement parks in China have been eliminated, and the well-operated amusement parks in China account for only 10% of the total. Most of the eliminated amusement parks are caused by abnormal development.

After the housing reform in 1998, most amusement parks, in order to obtain real estate interests, many real estate developers enclosure and sell houses on the grounds of building large amusement parks. Nominally, they build large amusement parks in order to improve people’s entertainment life. In fact, they real estate amusement parks. Due to the lack of long-term expected and prepared planning of amusement park projects, after real estate developers obtained high real estate benefits, amusement parks were abandoned due to poor management and mass closure. These failed projects have brought great negative effects for a long time.

Similarly, due to the plagiarism and imitation in the same period, the amusement park model is single and repeated, and the homogenization is serious. A large number of amusement parks are almost mechanical imported amusement facilities, coupled with some greening facilities, which have no characteristics, resulting in no competitive advantage. In recent years, due to the epidemic, some amusement parks have been abandoned. Therefore, people gradually lose interest in these large number of single and repeated amusement parks, and these amusement parks are gradually forgotten.

In these amusement parks, due to the backwardness of concepts and technology, there are also some problems due to aesthetic and design problems, which also result in the phenomenon of local flavor and being vilified. There are a large number of amusement facilities and installations with serious local flavor and low aesthetics, as well as a short board in their own culture. This is also one of the reasons why modern amusement parks are forgotten.

After my later visits, some amusement parks photographed by me have restored their function of benefiting the people. This is a good phenomenon. However, many amusement parks are still abandoned in that place.

At the same time, it is also a “Chronicle” of Chinese amusement parks, from the earliest simple children’s Park to landscape park, then to amusement parks dominated by sightseeing and mechanical entertainment, and later theme parks. This seems to be one of the many changes in the way Chinese people entertain.

I found these forgotten amusement parks through some Chinese Internet platforms, such as xiaohongshu, satellite maps and friends’ introductions. These once bustling places are now abandoned and forgotten. They seem to be singing in sorrow. Here, I met some people who came here to look for memories and childhood. In the process of their search, these people expressed some emotions – search, hesitation, hesitation and hope. I joined them and joined them as a former role. I also tried to restore some iconic elements of the times and reconstruct these elements with the forgotten amusement parks of all ages. Time has faded the color here, but the color is still gorgeous, but full of loneliness.

When I saw these landscapes, I was touched by these scenes. Combined with my senses, I made 40 poems and some literal understanding. These poems are about the emotions brought by the amusement park to me. These emotions are continuous, and I look for the dreams and memories of my childhood in this image and text.

I am also trying to discuss how the amusement park lost its functionality, and the animals returned to the abandoned land to live again in the media of these abandoned amusement parks. What is the relationship between them and the amusement park, and how is it developed, and what new relationship forms exist between people and the abandoned land. This is what I want to explore.

In this era facing the impact of multiple entertainment cultures, I hope to use these forgotten images and some of my words to reconstruct the amusement park you dreamed of in your childhood dreams. I also hope that these entertainment activities that can bring joy to contemporary people will be valued and respected again. This is also a long-term project of mine, and I will continue to record it.