Downplay boundaries

Downplay boundaries

In the era of weakening the boundaries between men and women, the problem of gender boundaries still exists, especially in China. The concept of valuing men over women still exists in China’s rural areas. I try to reconstruct women’s role in society with women’s sense of touch, some in real life, some in sexual relations, some in subconscious. I want to present contemporary women’s sense of touch through reality and subconsciousness.

In this series, I weaken women’s facial features, make the sense of substitution more extensive, try to strengthen the body and scene, use some symbols to describe concepts, hoping to make people pay attention to the thoughts of contemporary women and their lifestyle.

Atypical relationships

We are all in some of long-term typical relationships. In these typical relationships, there are also some spiritual atypical relationships.

The perception of these atypical relationships needs totally different sensory channels, one is hearing, the other is vision. I try to put sound into the visual track of this plane, so that it has a multi-dimensional presentation experience. They are a kind of image existing in real life, symbolizing the form and change of some relations. They are manipulated, limited, magnified and dramatized, but they will always precipitate into a spiritual language with their own needs. And the language will continue to evolve.