Black-and-white Street

Project introduction

Black-and-white Street
Here we mainly record the black and white appearance of the streets in different scenes. The lines in the project are relatively simple, covering some street features. A documentary photography with different photographing techniques. I hope they can bring some resonance to the readers.

Introduction of works

Civitavecchia train station:
The lines of the neat lines and the passers-by and the parked train became the center of the photo.

Charm of curve:
It chose a relatively small wind day to photography, this corner is an unexpected way, just a yellow car passing by, and when it comes to the proper position, then press the shutter.

Peep in the hole:
She lowered her head as if she were thinking something, I looked at her and I was thinking.

Morning shadow:
A busy morning shadow, as it is a reflection of the shadow of the morning.The various shadows on the early rise reveal the state of their lives.

The road of life:
I also hope that the old day, like them, hand in hand through the recorded happiness of the road..

Two mobile phones for two people:
Two mobile phones, one low head, one looking at him, keeping a certain distance, the two people of this picture are still very interesting.

When a person enters a strange environment, he always tries to read, or to read carefully, or to photograph what remains, but in the end, the feedback and the harvest to everyone are different.

The sky in Bruges:
It was a blueish evening, and the sky was colorful like a cloth dye. A young man appeared in my sight on a bicycle and the street was very quiet. I’m glad of everything here, and I feel When i am old that have to live in such a place.

Masker and two taxis:
A busy morning shadow, as it is a reflection of the shadow of the morning.Coincidentally, the man’s hat turned into a mask and couldn’t see her face, and the two cabs hid their heads in the same picture.

A busy morning shadow, as it is a reflection of the shadow of the morning.A race for a car and a bicycle.