Shape and color hatching square

Shape and color hatching square
“孚(Fu)” means “hatch”, hatch all things, all things are tangible, tangible and present the original color, the color is rich, changing among them.

Positive color makes people feel good, and let people breaking clouds scattered, let the world is full of fairy tale life.

The regular shape makes the world become unified and symmetrical. The regular shape makes all injustices fair, such as the sea without external force, the sea surface is wide and incomparably, no matter how to fold, it will coincide.

Each house has its own unique color. Its unique color presents its unique emotions. Standing in front of it, it seems to render your attitude towards life and experience a real feeling.

Each house has its unique shape. These shapes are like Rubik’s cube. It will change thousands of times from different angles. These shapes also seem to have some effects on treating OCD patients.

They are permeated with an extension, an extension to the world. There seems to be some stories hidden in every window. It not only fills you with imagination, but also looks at what the world is like, and what kind of life their owners have.

A group of regular beautiful and rich flavor of life to the house that hope for world peace, the people of the world to achieve true unity.