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We’re happy to announce that all selected photographers will be exhibited at Aperture Gallery in New York City’s Chelsea district. An opening reception will be held for artists, invited media, photo editors, and industry insiders for a night of art appreciation and networking. In recent years, Aperture Gallery has hosted exhibitions of work by Alex Webb, Martin Parr, Paul Strand, Mary Ellen Mark, Mickalene Thomas, Richard Renaldi, and many others.

Aperture, a not-for-profit foundation created in 1952, connects the photo community and its audiences with the most inspiring work, the sharpest ideas, and with each other—in print, in person, and online. Aperture magazine is the world’s leading photography magazine. To celebrate the new LensCulture Art Photography Awards, in addition to the exhibition at Aperture Gallery, all winners and jurors’ picks will also be featured on Aperture’s website.
Aperture Gallery

LensCulture Art Photography Awards 2018

Big Congratulations!

Zhou Chengzhou is one of the LensCulture Art Photography Awards 2018 finalists.







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For LensCulture’s very first Art Photography Awards, we were eager to see a wide range of creativity from people in diverse cultures around the world — and we weren’t disappointed!We’re delighted to present 38 contemporary photographers (from 18 countries) who are making remarkable work right now. The winning series and singles include everything from sensitive, intimate photographs and thought-provoking conceptual art to celebrations of pure beauty and light. We also discovered several powerful works of art that have a political voice or a message — not merely art for art’s sake. It’s quite refreshing and inspiring.Our call for entries attracted submissions from artists and photographers in 129 countries on six continents. The 38 photographers featured here represent a fascinating range of art made with photography, covering lots of different approaches and photographic techniques, as well as a surprising array of subject matter.

We hope you discover work here that amazes and delights you, as well as images that challenge your preconceived ideas about what art photography can be in the 21st century. Enjoy!

Coincidence of deformities

These seem to be a coincidence of social environment and character form. These variegated environment and weakened facial features have triggered a new thinking of me. When you replace your role to invade and look at yourself again in different space forms, how will cognition change by yourself?

Similarly, in these de portrait documentary works, in my opinion, any object has its own portrait, not just a person. The weakening of the portrait may strengthen the identity or other aspects, making people pay more attention to action and form. In this strengthened identity, the coincidence of space even deepens the reflection on self-identity. How much similarity and distance are there between farce and reality.

They maintain a state of life, it may also change the trajectory of space due to the change of time. This way of recording may also bring a new thinking and a new possibility to street photography.

Please smile at me

I have been doing research in the field of mental consciousness, and I have been paying attention to some neglected mental consciousness diseases. These neglected diseases often only appear in the subjective ideology. On the surface, they seem to be the same as normal people, but in fact, they have undergone tremendous changes in their conscious world. They seem to be good at hiding, and then as a state of self isolation It becomes a separation of time and space, separated from consciousness.

They will even be amazed at the gradual change of their own world. In fact, they are also playing a normal game. They will see a freeze frame animation like picture. They will see their hands suddenly become big. They will see a group of children in bright colors dancing in the dark environment. They will also dissociate a number of personality coexistence they do not know. These may lead to some social events and social crimes, such as Todd Phillips’s ” Joker”. Social discrimination and wrong understanding of this kind of people lead to tragedy, so people can reflect and have a new understanding of these people only through the lens presentation. And most of the time is it.

As an image creator and a patient with some mild symptoms, I try to use some image media and my understanding to create some lenses with visual language, hoping to deepen people’s attention to this kind of people through these lenses and distinguish them from the traditional text form.

Under the Consciousness

This piece mainly expresses the appearance of a human being in the subconscious form. It is difficult to have such a form in reality; only in the brain and perhaps a mental illness can it take shape, and convey the different personalities of different people.

The alienation that takes place in the city and in the countryside. Alienation between people and industry. These alienations are often hidden. They are either passively hidden or actively hidden. Hidden in those corners, often unknown. Sometimes they behave very normally, even like normal people, but they have fears and divisions that normal people cannot feel, and these psychological activities are usually linked to physiological factors. They don’t even want to be discovered and noticed.

Perhaps someday there will be some kind and gentle ways to intervene and help these alienated people return to true normalcy.

Time Identity

Times change with time. Every era will leave traces.

Traces are decomposed into symbols and imprints, scattered in some earthly lattices. I try to integrate them through some understanding, find some links between contemporary and past times, and try to understand the culture and life of the past era from the perspective of contemporary people.

I hope to find some resonance in the new reorganization, so that people now re-focus on the spirit of the past generation, and hope that contemporary young people to pay attention to the young life of grandparents, give themselves some inspiration and new ideas. This will be a very meaningful thing.


Conceptual module

This is my concept of unknown places in cities. They condense an attitude towards life. I want to express a change in real life through them. I want people to focus on things that are overlooked. This is an idea in my dream, which is i created, and i showed it through the actual shooting, a device with a mechanical sense that I put it back in my mind.

Multidimensional nature

Abstract is the natural nature of the universe, and it is also a visual way of human understanding of the world.

Human beings can feel the universe by abstract reading. In disguised terms, it can also be understood as an aesthetic barrier, but some people can find some new ideas in these obstacles and apply them to later life activities.

Of course, it comes from the concrete, the microscopic existence in the macro, like the gods give them new life, and present in the contemporary sense of the world.

Abstract art do not shoot the specific object as the goal, these works are non rational, each one has its unique texture, and traces through the visitors to read the reading and expression of a message, thus forming a communication, no theme and story, completely rely on their own aesthetic the ability to create thinking, imagination, aesthetic to complete.

Shape and color hatching square
“孚(Fu)” means “hatch”, hatch all things, all things are tangible, tangible and present the original color, the color is rich, changing among them.

Positive color makes people feel good, and let people breaking clouds scattered, let the world is full of fairy tale life.

The regular shape makes the world become unified and symmetrical. The regular shape makes all injustices fair, such as the sea without external force, the sea surface is wide and incomparably, no matter how to fold, it will coincide.

Each house has its own unique color. Its unique color presents its unique emotions. Standing in front of it, it seems to render your attitude towards life and experience a real feeling.

Each house has its unique shape. These shapes are like Rubik’s cube. It will change thousands of times from different angles. These shapes also seem to have some effects on treating OCD patients.

They are permeated with an extension, an extension to the world. There seems to be some stories hidden in every window. It not only fills you with imagination, but also looks at what the world is like, and what kind of life their owners have.

A group of regular beautiful and rich flavor of life to the house that hope for world peace, the people of the world to achieve true unity.






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