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We’re happy to announce that all selected photographers will be exhibited at Aperture Gallery in New York City’s Chelsea district. An opening reception will be held for artists, invited media, photo editors, and industry insiders for a night of art appreciation and networking. In recent years, Aperture Gallery has hosted exhibitions of work by Alex Webb, Martin Parr, Paul Strand, Mary Ellen Mark, Mickalene Thomas, Richard Renaldi, and many others.

Aperture, a not-for-profit foundation created in 1952, connects the photo community and its audiences with the most inspiring work, the sharpest ideas, and with each other—in print, in person, and online. Aperture magazine is the world’s leading photography magazine. To celebrate the new LensCulture Art Photography Awards, in addition to the exhibition at Aperture Gallery, all winners and jurors’ picks will also be featured on Aperture’s website.
Aperture Gallery

LensCulture Art Photography Awards 2018

Big Congratulations!

Zhou Chengzhou is one of the LensCulture Art Photography Awards 2018 finalists.







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For LensCulture’s very first Art Photography Awards, we were eager to see a wide range of creativity from people in diverse cultures around the world — and we weren’t disappointed!We’re delighted to present 38 contemporary photographers (from 18 countries) who are making remarkable work right now. The winning series and singles include everything from sensitive, intimate photographs and thought-provoking conceptual art to celebrations of pure beauty and light. We also discovered several powerful works of art that have a political voice or a message — not merely art for art’s sake. It’s quite refreshing and inspiring.Our call for entries attracted submissions from artists and photographers in 129 countries on six continents. The 38 photographers featured here represent a fascinating range of art made with photography, covering lots of different approaches and photographic techniques, as well as a surprising array of subject matter.

We hope you discover work here that amazes and delights you, as well as images that challenge your preconceived ideas about what art photography can be in the 21st century. Enjoy!

Project introduction

Project Description:The works here are all experimental. I combine different materials, and combine the skills of other artists with my work. Some new works are produced by touching them with my thoughts. These works are tentative, and I hope they will have a completely new look and idea to show them. Thanks to the artists who worked with me.

Introduction of works

The sex outside shackles:
This is the work of me and another designer. She is good at knitting. Her name is Wang Xinxin. I had some thoughts and contacts with her. And add the new material into the original photography. To show a sexual liberation, we stitched the roof with knitted women’s breasts. And the house is to express a solidified life of imprisonment.

Mechanical organs
This is the work of me and another designer. She is good at knitting.Her name is Wang Xinxin. I had some thoughts and contacts with her. And add the new material into the original photography. So she made her eyes so that she could see who was watching her. When she met the person she liked, she might call it like a cat.

Out of consciousness
This is the work of me and another designer. She is good at knitting.Her name is Wang Xinxin. I had some thoughts and contacts with her. And add the new material into the original photography.We knitted the thought of the little girl standing at the bottom. She stood in the closed space, looking at the sky, her troubled thoughts on her head. She wanted to grab them and climb out, but did not know how to take the first step.

Project introduction

The living in the right corner
This is a set of things about a small part of the world, and it’s representative, and I want to convey my feelings through this perspective. There are some colors, some humanities, some regional things, they are not the best, but I hope people will see some quiet.

Introduction of works

Sheer purity life :
This place is called Jiang’an County town, which is located in the upper reaches of the Changjiang River. People in this place are growing tobacco for a living. This picture is full of tobacco grown and tobacco growing in the sun.This is the two farmers are picking up mature tobaccoDid not think there is such a place, people are very honest, they eat with their own third of an acre.

Blue blood:
In this magical place, blue blood flows to the world that breeds human beings. In fact, this is the color of minerals produced by the river color component is granite, polished and ground motion into powder, and change color according to the seasons, I have seen one of the most beautiful scenery, standing here, everything is incomparable.

Home in the sky:
This is their temporary air garden. They are more than 100 meters high, do not know whether they have fear of heights, but they are lying down, perhaps in the sun. This is at the installation site of a wind power plant. The fields below are harvested wheat fields. The workers lie at the top of the fourth section, waiting for the fifth section to be transported from the ground.

Boat in the lotus pond:
The 7-8 month of the year is the most beautiful season in the lotus pond. The name of this place is Baiyangdian in China. The lotus flowers are open and show the most beautiful appearance. I was attracted by the beautiful scenery in front of me. The fishermen on the small wooden boat were fishing, and the lotus leaves arranged like a map of the world.

Land of idyllic beauty :
This is a small village on the border between Holland and Germany, which is covered with rape flowers. The green fields are very beautiful.There is also a train and road linking these two countries. I also came here on this train.I really want to go back to this place.

Color dream :
Everyone has a child’s dream in his heart. When he sees such a scene, and the dreams like a child.This aerial photograph is like a flower floating out of a flower. To develop into such a blooming flower.

Bullet time:
Several fishing boats seemed to be ejected from this seemingly human coral reef. It’s like a game playing a foreign object. It’s a coincidence and it looks interesting.These fishermen also live on these colorful small boats.

A bridge on a ship’s bed:
Beneath the highway bridge are damaged ships, stacked with watercourses, like a bed on the water. Miraculous structure and environment.Like a bridge built by a ship, the car runs on the bridge, as if the ship extends the bridge and gives the car power.

Cotton world:
I’m surprised by the large amount of cotton here,The fall of the year in September October is the cotton harvest season, Xinjiang is the largest cotton production area Chinese, only the last line of cotton by mechanical harvesting, all using the manual picking, this time every year, people from other parts of Xinjiang to cotton picking, provided a lot of jobs.

Village fair:
This is a Chinese agricultural morning market, which closed at ten a.m. Vendors here have their own stalls, and their own stalls are designed and sold by themselves. It is asymmetrical, but it’s full of bargaining and the breath of life. There are all kinds of fruit and vegetables, and local salted duck eggs and live poultry. The people here are also very interesting.

The boat painting:
This work freely flowing style of writing reflected most incisive.

Project introduction

The Church of the world
This is what I have been doing all along. I want to take pictures of the churches in the world in different angles and ways under the permission of the local law. This is the treasure of the world and a symbol of different cultures. At the same time, I also made video material so that I could edit a documentary film later.

Introduction of works

Holy Church 01:
This church is located in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Holy Church 02:
This church is located in Milan, Italy.

Holy Church 03:
This church is located in Bonn, Germany.

Holy Church 04:
This church is located in Bonn, Germany.

Holy Church 05:
This church is located in oldenburg, Germany.

Holy Church 06:
This church is located in Genoa, Italy.

Holy Church 07:
This church is located in Malacca, Malaysia.

Holy Church 08:
This church is located in Phuket , Thailand

Holy Church 09:
This church is located in Barcelona, Italy.

Holy Church 10:
This church is located in Bremen£¬ Germany.






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