31min / drama

The movie is divided into five parts, each part expresses the subconscious in different forms. It is mainly in the form of subconscious to show people’s appearance and inner world. In reality, it is difficult to have such a form. The film also combines some actual cases. Only in the brain, perhaps in mental illness, can it take shape and convey different personalities and ideologies of different people.

These ideologies take place in cities, rural areas and developed areas. These estrangements are often hidden. They either hide passively or actively. The alienated subconscious is hidden in those unknown corners, often unknown, and these subconscious are not willing to be opened by the general form. Sometimes these ideologies seem to be very normal, even like normal people, but these ideologies have fears and splits that normal people cannot feel. These psychological activities are usually related to physiological factors, mental factors and pathological factors.

Maybe one day the film will help these alienated people return to their real normal state in some gentle and unique way.