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Downplay boundaries

In the era of weakening the boundaries between men and women, the problem of gender boundaries still exists, especially in China. The concept of valuing men over women still exists in China’s rural areas. I try to reconstruct women’s role in society with women’s sense of touch, some in real life, some in sexual relations, some in subconscious. I want to present contemporary women’s sense of touch through reality and subconsciousness.

In this series, I weaken women’s facial features, make the sense of substitution more extensive, try to strengthen the body and scene, use some symbols to describe concepts, hoping to make people pay attention to the thoughts of contemporary women and their lifestyle.

Closed Paradise

It seems as if it has been isolated from the world. It is enclosed in a prosperous city and surrounded by the human world. However, it has become a paradise for weeds, birds and animals.

It is full of static time and vast three-dimensional space. There is a simple and static balance between time and space. It is different from the complex relationship of human world flow. The two worlds are interconnected, and the two relationships map to each other.

I try to connect people’s own closeness through its closeness, to explore the difference between active closeness and passive closeness. This connection has some resonance. It is closed to the outside world, but has a vast heart, allowing weeds to grow and birds and animals to breed.

I use soft color matching and choose the evening time to show its memories of childhood. It also shows a soft memory of childhood. I try to arouse people’s happiness through tones. But the scene is sad.

I try to express the lost era by watching it silently. It tries to make people feel the changes of the times and the rapid development of recreational life from such a perspective. It is hoped that through this way of expression, people can examine their inner world, open their hearts and accept the reality.

Atypical relationships

We are all in some of long-term typical relationships. In these typical relationships, there are also some spiritual atypical relationships.

The perception of these atypical relationships needs totally different sensory channels, one is hearing, the other is vision. I try to put sound into the visual track of this plane, so that it has a multi-dimensional presentation experience. They are a kind of image existing in real life, symbolizing the form and change of some relations. They are manipulated, limited, magnified and dramatized, but they will always precipitate into a spiritual language with their own needs. And the language will continue to evolve.

Human sculpture

We live on this planet, but bring too many changes to the planet. Pollution, environmental changes, and the living conditions of wild animals are all changing.

I try to integrate my subconscious understanding of this land for interactive thinking, and integrate the concept of reflection into the natural environment in the form of human sculpture, and then in a way that is not in harmony with the environment Direct contact is the way to contact the world. At the same time, the concept of split personality is introduced to strengthen the thinking of this human sculpture ideology, and try to reconstruct the relationship between human and nature, as well as between human and environment. I hope people will pay attention to the relationship between human and natural environment through images.

This is a long-term project, and I will continue to look for some local elements and my own ideas, generate some new links and resonances, and continue this long-term project.

Landscape alienation

Human beings constantly build new landscapes, With the change of times, the old human landscape gradually lost its activity, and gradually became a still life without interaction, and then slowly disappeared and was replaced by new landscape.

The old way of life will be replaced by the new one. As people migrate in large numbers from these changed environments, habits are hard to change, so some people stay and continue to live here. As an observer, I try to observe the relationship between the old space landscape and the contemporary time people. It is a kind of alienation and a new integration. I tried to record their lives, but I was surprised to find that it was a kind of alienation and a new integration.

The former factories will also become the art area with their new values. I also want to find some new meanings in these new values.

Desire of everything
In my perception of the world, everything in the world has her passion, such as the eruption of volcanoes, the direction of road signs, human sexuality and the growth of plants.

They are irrational and pure decentralism. They are ready to resist and criticize all truth anytime and anywhere. This is their most natural appearance and her way of perceiving everything.

I try to use the irrational way of thinking to explore the lust in nature, try to feel the relationship between me and them, and also try to explore the boundaries of sexual desire in nature.


1x Photo Awards 2017/18


Zhou Chengzhou is the ’1x Photo Awards 2017/18′ People’s Choice Creative Edit winner.

The famous announced their 1x Photo Awards for the year of 2017/18. These photos are judged by famous photographers Bengt Wanselius and Ken Rockwell. This contest is sponsored by Pictorem. All the winners will receive one year of Pro membership of 1x and their last photo book X.



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