Horse hooves

Project introduction

Horse hooves
This is a number of social phenomena and coincidences. This group happens to be related to the meaning of twins, and it seems to have some double meanings. The content in the picture is somewhat similar, but somewhat different.

Introduction of works

Two red men:
A customer is soliciting at the entrance of a hotel, and one is looking out in the real estate shop. A child protected indoors. Red clothes are especially attractive.

A playground bench:
There are two couriers on the bench of a children’s playground. The blue working uniform is the same color as the merry go round of the playground. It seems that their amusement programs are in their cell phones.

This is on the surface of a park. The man who plays the boat on the surface of the park is sleeping.

Two elbows:
A kitchen knife, a pig elbow, a man playing with his elbow on his cell phone. The other hand is playing with the ball of Buddha. The human elbow and the pig elbows happen to be symmetrical.

Sluggish security:
Two uniformed security guards sat idle in the chairs enjoying the sunshine.

Hide-and-seek game:
Two real twins are playing hide and seek games with a girl. This is their extracurricular life. They have a good time and have no idea that their faces are dirty.

Dirty shadow:
This is a group of students who are coming home from school. There are dirty water and sewage on the road. They were wearing the same clothes, and the reflection in the dirty water was like the brothers of the students walking in front. He has just passed through the dirty water.

5 pieces of one:
A pair of brothers playing is right next to the sign marked 10 yuan.

It was taken by an accident. The child who came home after school was blocked by a post.

This is the vegetable market in a town. It is hard to see live poultry in the vegetable market in the city. The two flocks took their place respectively.