Color pop gamut

Project introduction

Color pop gamut
My ideas and desires imposed on their already rich documentary photography, there is a new color, I call it, Color face of gamut.

Subjective rather than objective, objective and subjective service, in the creation process, subjective oriented, to control the spirit carrier, the ideology of ink on the reality of the image, a new life to show the people in the world, the new thinking is the source of creation.

Introduction of works

Glazed Pagoda:
The towers that people look at are always single and boring. So I filled it up with the color of the glazed pagoda, hoping for a different feeling.

Human civilization:
In the long history of human civilization evolution, this is a microcosm of the times, showing the past and the future, there are several generations of changes and social status.There are industries and people’s lives, there are some social problems, society is alternately, people are adapting to the new life form. It forms a shadow of remembrance of the past and the fast pace of modern life.

9 chairs:
No theme

Life alternation:
This is a tree which has been growing for hundreds of years. I took dozens of pictures and took some of the trees that were cut down as the background. A total of more than 100 pictures made up the image, which was intended to protect the forest and maintain the human environment. I hope it will help the environmental protection.

Colorful dead fish:
In the face of death, people are always associated with black and white, whether they are photographs or others. I think death can actually be more colorful.

Color face of gamut:
The two eyes look out of the world. They are vast. The outside world looks at them. They are inconspicuous. The world is a game that everyone seems to see.

Open mouth:
A more abstract face appeared in the field of vision. He opened his mouth as if to shout something.

Loss of discrimination:
Serious air pollution can make everything out of color. It has become suffocating, but I set aside such a small space to keep it as it was. Through such contrast, people attach importance to the human environment.

Pink heart:
Plants, like humans, may be more tender and tender, and their colors may be a little clearer.

Eight windows:
It is this appearance that will not be the appendage of technology, but should be the creator of thought and life,Take one of the dilapidated building on a tree works, itself has a kind of irony, the old building was torn down at the same time, a strong life tree will be torn down, like a history book punishment. Each window gives a different brand of new color. It seems that every window has a life that meets its color. Every window has its own life.

Between landscape
It looks like a faded photograph showing a small city in the mountains.